EPK - Brenda Cay 


Origin: Chattanooga, TN

Genre: Singer-Songwriter (Country)

Years Active:  5+ Years

Label: Heart Songs Records

Public Relations: Publicity Nation PR

Official Websites: Brendacay.com

Brenda Cay grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland and originally forged her path in business as a CPA. However, her passion has always been music and Brenda Cay has now established herself as a reputable songwriter and artist in Music City, USA.  Brenda focuses on Country music and her songs are woven with subtle hints of pop, rock and R&B which reflect her influences from artists Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark and Sara Evans.  Escaping the stresses of daily life and having fun are common themes in her lyrics and melodies, but she is unafraid to tackle more serious topics. Her songs are relatable,  diverse and are woven like a true country music storyteller. Country Artist Steven John Simon credits Brenda with helping to launch his career with her song Tongue Tied. “The single was pitched to my label Heart Songs Records and I fell in love with the lyrics, tempo and the overall positive vibe. My single debuted on the iTunes Chart at #68 and the corresponding video has had over 150K views.” Heart Songs Records also praises her, saying, "Brenda is a solid songwriter and artists should take her pitches seriously.”


Brenda is ready to serve up her fun, clever, and brave songs to the world and will continue working with other artists and bands on their song material. Her single, "1-2-3-Floor," released in February  2020, was featured on Apple Music Hot Tracks (Country). The single was also licensed by Spotify and a private label. Following her success with “1-2-3-Floor,” Brenda released “Unplug & Recharge” which also received licenses with Spotify, Rhapsody, and a private label. Her next single, "I Fish," released in August and was featured on Apple Music Hot Tracks (Country). "I Fish" was licensed by Spotify, Rhapsody, and a private label. The music videos for all three singles have been engaging and well received by her fans.  


Her most recent EP, "Fragile Like a Bomb," released on November 20th and was exclusively premiered on Pro Country. It features two new singles including the title track and "Stamp Collector.” Music Update Central Magazine believes “Stamp Collector” is a stand out single on this EP release, writing, “Stamp Collector is the ideal song for the quintessential wandering soul. All the places she lists she will travel to, like Italy, China, and Germany, will make any listener long for the backpacker experience, gazing out the window of the plane waiting for life’s next great adventure. Why sit at home wishing you could travel the world when you could get a passport and become your own stamp collector?”


Brenda’s new EP was primarily recorded in Nashville. Her hope is that her listeners will get to know her through her songs and continue to support her journey as a writer and artist. Brenda kicks off 2021 with a new single "Alone With You" releasing on February 19, 2021.


Brenda was nominated for Song of the Year in 2019 at the Josie Awards for her single, “Joe,” in the Americana/Bluegrass category. Brenda Cay is a member of ASCAP, AMA & The Trop Rock Music Association.



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